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Bonjour mis amis, 

I am about to drop a giant fitness knowledge bomb on you so prepare yourself. Ready?


What, never heard of the best website ever? Well you’re about to, so strap in because it’s time for an excited rant. 

Darebee.com is a FREE fitness and health site that inspires you and kicks your ass at the same time. Every day, brand new workouts are created so that your body will never run out of things to do! And these aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill workouts either. If they were, I would not be this excited about them. 

These workouts are so awesome because they’re themed! It’s such a good idea and I can’t believe I’ve never seen anything like this before. Some of the categories are: action heroines, martial arts, superheroes *heart eyes*, sports, and gaming. Like you can be a reformed KGB spy and take on the Black Widow workout, or you can try out some boxing moves with the Rocky workout.They also give you cute little descriptions on the bottom that tell you why that workout was chosen for that character. And most of them don’t require equipment! All you need is some Wifi and determination. You can also choose what type of workout you want (cardio, HIIT, yoga, strength, etc) and which muscle group you want to work. Here’s an example:

It also has a lot of 30 day programs for abs, HIIT, strength, etc… and challenges that’ll keep you motivated! 

For those of us that want to lose weight or get fit and don’t know how, there are also loads of informational articles about sleeping, how to do certain exercises, how to lose weight and gain muscle, what kind of nutrition you should get if you’re working out, and even what kinds of music you should listen to when you exercise. There are dozens of articles and to be honest I have learned most of my fitness/nutrition knowledge from them. 

Another thing this site has is healthy recipes and meal plans! And they give you different meal plans depending on what you want for your body. If you want to lose weight and maintain it, try the Modern Hero Diet! You want to tone and gain more muscle? The Mass Effect Diet is the one for you! But what about vegans and vegetarians, what are they supposed to eat? Well bam there’s plans for them too!!

In conclusion, this site is the best thing that ever happened to me. Ever since I found it, I have been more conscious about what is in my food, I have been exercising more, and I am overall a lot more happy because of those life changes. 

So I encourage everyone to check it out! And if you need any more motivation, Darebee has some of that too: "The only reason you are not trying so hard is because you haven't realized you are on your last life."


<![CDATA[Must Have Health and Fitness Apps]]>Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:40:15 GMThttp://meababes.weebly.com/health--fitness-tips/must-have-health-and-fitness-appsHey everyone!

If you want to get moving, buy healthy foods, or need some motivation I have the apps for you! Here is a post about all my favorite health & fitness apps; and a quick overview of what they can do!

The first app is fitbit. I use this app every day and even have a widget on my home screen. This app goes hand in hand with my fitbit watch (I have the Fitbit Charge Hr). It shows me everything that my fitbit can show me, but in more details, and with some extra features. On the app you can challenge your friends, keep track of your food & water intake, your sleeping pattern, weight, fitness goals, and more. 
Fitbit app icon.
I love shopping for shoes, makeup, and clothes, yet going to the supermarket for groceries is an activity I try to avoid as much as possible. I hate checking ingredients and figuring out whether the foods I buy are healthy or not (plus i always forget to make a grocery list or forget to take my list). Fooducate makes grocery shopping a little easier.

Fooducate lets you scan any food that has a barcode (downside: most store brands are not available) and it will grade it on a letter scale. Then it lets you read why the food got that grade. Such as if it is highly processed, contains a lot of sugar, or contains too much fiber. It does not stop me from having to go grocery shopping, but makes it a little less horrible.
Fooducate app icon.
Up next is an app called 7 Minute Workout. I have only had this for a short amount of time and I am already in love with it. When you push the start button you get 7 minutes of intensive work out with 10 second breaks in between. The app lets you know what workout you’re doing, a timer to show you how long you have left on a particular workout, and instructions on how to do each workout. After 7 minutes you will be just as tired after an hour gym workout.

You can do it once and get 7 minutes of physical activity or do it multiple times and get even more enjoyment (or torture) out of it. The best thing is that all you need is a chair, a wall, and some music and you can do amazing workouts right in your living room (with no one staring like they do at a gym).
7 minute workout app icon
Up next is another recent, but favorite of mine. I am highly motivated by challenges because they require me to prove that I am strong enough to do accomplish difficult tasks. We’ve all seen the 30 day sit up challenge on Facebook, joined them and abandon them four days later. Well this app will not let you do that!

30  Day Ab Challenge is exactly what is says it is. It is a challenge to improve your abs in 30 days. Each day the ab workouts will get a little bit tougher but I believe in you. Plus this app has reminders that you can set up to make sure you wont forget to do your workout!

Teer Studios (Maker of 30 Day Ab challenge) has many more challenges for you in store. They have them for your chest, back, arms, butt, and so much more, so be sure to check those out too!
30 Day Ab Challenge app icon.
Now I have to tell all you guys the good news. All of these apps are FREE. That’s right people any of these apps will not cost you a cent! However, unfortunately for all you Iphone users I do not know if the app store has these available, but they are available in the Google Play store absolutely FREE. 

Let me know in the comment section below if you guys have any health and fitness apps that I should check out!

Have a nice day!


<![CDATA[Adventurous workouts]]>Mon, 27 Jul 2015 19:40:45 GMThttp://meababes.weebly.com/health--fitness-tips/adventurous-workoutsHello my loves!

Yesterday I went on a little adventure to a small town in the Adirondack State Park of New York! Seriously, if you can, look up the Adirondack State Park. It is BEAUTIFUL, if you like mountains and lakes and such. If you want to see pictures, they will be posted to Instagram too!

Anyways, what did I do in the Adirondacks that is an adventurous workout?

Kayak. That’s what I did.

Many of you are probably like “well yah kayaking is a workout”. Well let me tell you. I am SORE. I am so sore that work seems impossible and I feel like I went to the gym and bench pressed three times my weight. Even my abs hurt.

So, I went kayaking with my parents, and we went up and down this big river, from one dam to another and back to the middle to get back to the place I rented my kayak from. (My parents have their own kayaks) To rent my kayak, it was only $6.00 an hour so for me it was cheap. I’m not sure what the prices are other places so don’t hold me to those $6 an hour.

Four hours of paddling through a river was intense, but so much fun. If you ever get too hot, you can take a plunge in some parts of the river. I say some parts because some parts are filled with giant algae leaves, and you need to be able to get back into the kayak, so you need someplace you can easily get in and out of your kayak.

If you want to go kayaking, there are a few essentials you need to bring.

1 – MONEY! If you don’t have your own kayak, you need to rent one… obviously. You could steal one but that’s illegal and honestly too much energy.

2 – Sunscreen! I am fair skinned, and blonde so I burn easy (although I can get killer tans). No matter the amount of sunscreen I use, I always get at least a little burnt, so take the sunscreen and reapply it when you stop along the bank for a few moments.

3 – Water! I don’t know about you, but I love water just as much as I love coffee. And in any situation where you are putting out energy (such as kayaking), or in the sun, you need to keep yourself hydrated. So water up!

4 – Food. Now, I love food as much as the next person. If you want to make a huge ordeal, you can bring a giant cooler and have a big picnic after you kayak. But, make sure you have a little cooler with you, or you bring some healthy little snacks with you in the kayak because you will be so dang hungry. By the time I got back to my house, it was dinner time. I ate two giant burgers, a ton of veggies and corn on the cob. Let me tell you, that’s a lot of food for me.

So, if you guys want to go on an adventure, and a healthy one, go kayaking! You even have a list of things you need to bring with you!

Hope you have fun kayaking adventures, my loves!



<![CDATA[Work your muscles without working your Wallet]]>Thu, 23 Jul 2015 12:01:01 GMThttp://meababes.weebly.com/health--fitness-tips/work-your-muscles-without-working-your-walletWorking out is extremely difficult and sometimes a major pain in the butt. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have to move to be healthy – I can eat as many cookies as I want and never have to leave my Netflix.

Well, according to the laws of life, to be healthy, you have to move and not stay in bed all day (as much as we all want to).

The most troubling part, though, is how much gyms cost. Like… I am a 19 year old already thousands in debt. I cannot afford your overly priced contracts to make grunts and lift heavy pieces of metal (although I do have a membership to a local gym… thanks mom)

Anyways, some people can’t afford pricey memberships, or just straight out don’t like working out in front of people; and it’s ok if you don’t! I have solutions!

First of all, great motivation is MUSIC! No matter what you listen to, you can create custom playlists on Spotify for FREE (my all-time favorite word)! If you have Pandora, you can make workout playlists too! Just make sure you have good music and crank it as loud as you’re comfortable!

Now, for these at home workouts! I, personally, use an app called Sworkit. It allows you to choose which part of your body you want to work out, for how long (up to an hour) and it gives you exercises that will work the part of your body you chose! It even shows you how to do the exercises!!

The best part? Sworkit has Spotify playlists dedicated to what type of workout you’re doing! It’s really cool, and all FREE!

Now, I know some of you may not have smartphones. Unfortunately, Sworkit is only an app that you can get. If you have an iPad, Tablet, whatever, and you can download it, great! If not, don’t worry! I have you covered!

It’s not as cool as Sworkit, I apologize, but it still gets the job done. So, you get your music blaring to pump you up, get you ready to work out, and you go here.

Although this says it is men’s fitness, I don’t discriminate. I have used these workouts many times, and they do leave you feeling sore later. If these ones start to bore you, or you get used to them, you can amp them up, do more for longer.

Or, you can always go to google and find more. Pinterest has great workouts, great tips, and everything you need!

So, my babes, you don’t need to spend $50 on a membership with monthly fees. You can get these killer workouts and do them basically anywhere in your house. Just be careful, and make sure you’re doing them right.

That’s all I got on this for right now, so good luck!

Kisses, M